The mission of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research to assist educators in their professional development, provide teachers and students with innovative educational methodologies, techniques, and technologies, and serve as a research hub for educators, supervisors, and students..


The Center will be regarded as a model resource center for teaching, learning, research, and technology in education on a national and international level. 


  • Assist educators in all levels as expert teachers through quality-established professional and technical development programs.
  • Facilitate and support a “community of practice” in which teachers interact, learn, and support each other.
  • Provide teachers and students (K-12 and College) with new educational methodologies, techniques, and technologies to enrich their knowledge and experience.
  • Collaborate with other universities and private/public sector educational institutions in research and innovative educational initiatives.
  • Support GUST University students, instructors, and new faculty members through consultations, workshops, and seminars.
  • Offer an online hub and platform for educators and students to commune and acquire several skills through dedicated workshops and courses.