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“Teacher Training on Empowering Students through Global Citizenship Education" Workshop

  • Enable for teachers to understand the approach to design curriculum aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the use of a tools developed by UNESCO.
  • Share a pedagogical guidance that includes domains of learning on Global Citizenship Education with key learning outcomes from Global Citizenship Education topics and learning objectives.

UNESCO Qatar Doha (regional office)

About the workshop:

A two-day workshop organized and conducted by UNSECO Doha Qatar. The collaboration of GUST via the Centre of Teaching Learning and Research (CTLR), Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO and Kuwait Ministry of Education to organize a Teachers’ Training Workshop on Empowering Students through Global Citizenship Education. This event, aptly titled “Teacher Training on Empowering Students through Global Citizenship Education Workshop” and it was delivered by Dr. Caitlin Sparks. Dr. Caitlin Sparks shared the UNESCO pedagogical guidance that includes domains of learning on Global Citizenship Education with key learning outcomes, attributes, topics and learning objectives by age/level of education from the UNESCO document on Global Citizenship Education topics and learning objectives. She guided teachers to be engaged to design of a K-12 curriculum aligned with a subset of SDGs and SDG4.7. Through the presentations and interactive break-out and discussion groups, many ideas emerged as potential areas that Kuwait schools could explore to improve the concept of global citizenship and how to apply it in schools. One the second day, the objectives of the workshop were revealed when teachers presented their lesson plans showing a clear understanding about the concepts. Some teachers submitted their lesson at the end of the day to Dr. Caitlin with approval to publish their lesson plans. The lesson plans templates were uploaded on Sharek Forum in both Arabic and English.






STEM for supervisors Workshop

  • Establish awareness among supervisors about STEM approach.
  • Provide ideas and techniques on how to practice STEM in school and how to support teachers
  • Provide hands on examples and guideline on how to apply STEM in schools of Kuwait.

AUB experts

About the workshop:

A five-day workshop organized and conducted by Dr Enja Osman and her team from the American University of Beirut (AUB). The workshop was designed to be delivered to technical leaders (27 science and math supervisors) who were nominated from the MoE. Dr. Enja and her team developed and prepared handouts and manuals for the participants. The team introduced STEM model through a simple hands-on-minds-on STEM activities. The team also explained the differences between science vs. engineering. They also helped supervisors in designing STEM projects aligned with the curriculum: Supervisors from different areas of specializations select a theme from their curriculum and are encouraged to draft a STEM project and a poster Describing the Design Process in Engineering. Supervisors had the chance to discuss all the matters related to STEM education (application, curriculum, extra curriculum, barriers). The discussions were very fruitful and made supervisors walk out with different perspective in teaching STEM education.  

The manuals were uploaded on Sharek forum to benefit all teachers.





Interactive methods for teaching science for elementary and middle school teachers Workshop  

  • Provide teaching strategies that help students be engaged in science education /Help teachers develop techniques in teaching science based on hands on models
  • Introduce new methodologies in teaching science with different tools.



Prof. Abdulla Ambusaidi- Science educator from Sultan Qaboos University


About the workshop:

A two-day workshop organized and conducted by Professor Abdulla Ambusaidi targeted elementary science teachers and supervisors. Professor Abdulla introduced varied hands-on techniques related to interactive teaching in science education. He also shared pedagogical guidance that are related to Kuwait national science curriculum by analyzing lesson plans, activities and assessment tools that are being practiced in science classrooms. His talents in conveying critical thinking while discussing teaching science for young students made teachers think outside the box. He also discussed the induction strategies that needs to be used while teaching young student science. The second day participants were divided into groups and were able to apply some of the methods with constant feedback, and guidance from Professor Abdulla. Teachers and supervisors walked out of this workshop with many tools and techniques that can easily be applied into their science classroom. His tools and methods are uploaded on Sharek Forum.  





How to improve students’ achievements in Chemistry?  Workshop

  • Provide techniques on how to use technology and social media as a tool to support students while teaching chemistry.
  • Discussing misconceptions in chemistry and how to solve them with students.

Mr. Muath Alshallal chemistry teacher

About the workshop:

A one-day workshop about teaching chemistry via YouTube.  Mr. Muath AlSahallal a talented teacher in chemistry and active over the social media with students trying to approach them and explain chemistry via his YouTube channel. So in the session he provided an overview about his experience dealing with technology and social media in helping students. The second phase was more practical where he went over some methods of using and applying chemistry over different mediums. He also asked teachers to download some applications over their smart devices so that they can use them while teaching chemistry. His approach of using technology and smart devices was very beneficial for teachers and would help them deliver some complex topics easily with their students. Mr. Muath became a member over Sharek Forum so he can be more connected to all science teachers for future consultations. 





Math Knowledge and Math Applications in TIMSS study Workshop

  • Introduce TIMSS study and its purpose for private schools since the awareness campaign for TIMSS do not take place in private sector schools
  • Provide examples of math questions


  • Provide teaching strategies that help students solve problems in math.


  • Discuss challenges and techniques

Mrs. Hessa AlAli  an exper

About the workshop:

A two-day workshop led by the math expert Mrs. Hessa Alali. she was a repetitive of Kuwait at the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) for TIMSS. The first day was dedicated for the fourth grade teachers where she explained the concept of TIMSS study, how questions are written and analyzed, what to expect and how to teach for international standardized tests. Teachers from both groups practiced solving complex questions. She also explained the importance of raising the awareness not only for students but also the family of students.  Mrs. Hessa repeated the same training for the 8th grade math teachers targeting 8th grade level. Teachers were able to comprehend the concept and the purpose of TIMSS study.  She also provided CTLR with all PowerPoint presentations where they were uploaded on Sharek Forum to benefit the community of math teachers.




“Innovation approaches in math: Improving students in Algebra ” Workshop

  • Targeting private sector middle school teachers
  • Provide teacher with innovative models of working with students in math
  • Discuss misconceptions in math

Milena Baeff  math department at GUST university 

About the workshop:

A one-day workshop prepared by Milena math instructor at GUST university where teacher from private schools attended the workshop to improve their pedagogical skills in teaching math for elementary and middle school teachers. Milena discussed diverse approaches related to interactive and hands on math activities. She discussed topics related to Algebra and some misconceptions that students could build while studying math. She also connected some activities to the most updated math standards in the United States such as modeling math, solving problems, and relating math to everyday math. Melina uploaded her materials on Sharek Forum to benefit all math community.




STEM education in KSA from Tatweer

  • Stress on the importance of (STEM) education.
  • Share a regional experience about applying STEM education

Tatweer Company

About the workshop:

The ceremony was opened with an overview of CTRL missions, objectives and its activities.  The audience were representatives from the general education, supervisors and head departments in areas (science, math, and technology), and representatives from the curriculum and research department at MoE.   Mr. Hussain Alharith on behalf of the director Mr. Ahmed Alshebel the director of STEM projects in Tatweer Company provided an overview about the service that Tatweer provides to support education in KSA. During his presentation a video clip was displayed about all the activities, programs and summer camps Tatweer is providing. Mr. AlHarthi also previewed some of successful stories about STEM centers in different parts in KSA. He also discussed the challenges such as the culture shift. He concluded with extended thanks for CTLR and KFAS from this opportunity wishing for more future collaboration.




STEM School Center for teachers Workshop

Please refer to the proposal from Tatweer

Tatweer trainers will be provided

About the workshop:

A five-day workshop organized and conducted by Tatweer to train 30 teachers from the MoE. 3 trainers Dr. Yousif Alhagas, Mr. Ayman Alharbi, and Mrs. Mariam AlQishta went over the concept of (STEM) education and how it enhances life skills and the affects the labor market which reflects on the advancement of the economy. They also explained through hands on and mini projects STEM related to environmental sustainability and economic development. The program was flexible and can be implemented to suit the school's situation in Kuwait. Tatweer has provide educational kits for activities that meet the highest international standards in order to assure the quality of training.