About Us


The mission of the center is steeped in educational philosophy and pedagogy that also incorporates technology and practical instruction. It is dedicated to assist educators in their professional development, provide teachers and students with new educational methodologies, techniques and technologies, and serve as a research hub for educators, teachers & students. Even the best of the best teachers will have opportunities to talk about teaching, learning, and become even better. Strive for improvement in teaching for all educators and instructors is the CTLR’s aspirations.

Long-term Objectives:

• Assist K-12 teachers in their development as expert teachers;
• Facilitate and support a ‘community of practice’ in which teachers interact, learn and support each other;
• Provide teachers and students with new educational methodologies, techniques and technologies;
• Collaborate with other universities and private/public sector educational institutions in research and innovative educational initiatives;
• Serve as a research hub for educators, teachers & students; and
• Raise educational awareness in the community

Anticipated Center’s Impact

We anticipate the following lasting impact:
• Create a vibrant and self-perpetuating learning community in which educators can collaborate and exchange information;
• Become a leader in educational research and training in the GCC, and
• Participate as an active stakeholder in efforts to reform education in the State of Kuwait.

Saturday Teacher Exchange

Saturday Teacher Exchanges will begin in November 2016 and will be held monthly through May 2017. Each teacher exchange will have an announced topic and all interested educators are invited to attend and share their experiences and knowledge about the topic. Teachers and other specialists will present workshops and seminars. The purpose of the Saturday Teacher Exchange is to provide educators with opportunities to gather and discuss common issues. Teachers do not have many opportunities to gather together and discuss topics of shared interest. The Saturday Teacher Exchange is designed to fill this void and also contributes to the establishment of a learning community.