Workshop title: Collaborative Mathematics classroom
Postponed (TBA)
Ms. Sali Hammad
Professional Experience:
Sali Hammad is currently a mathematics instructor at the Mathematics Foundation Unit at Gulf University for Science and Technology. Sali has been teaching mathematics for the past fifteen years between Canada (Halifax), and Kuwait. She loves teaching mathematics. Sali is task oriented as she has successfully completed an MSc in Mathematics from Dalhousie University in Canada, an MEd in Mathematics Adult Education from Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada and an MSc in Research Education from University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. Sali is currently involved in her PhD at Plymouth University, at the United Kingdom. Sali’s research interest is in Mathematics Education as she has successfully published Mahmood, M, Hammad, S and Mahmood, I (2014). An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the General Quadratic, Cubic and Quartic Equations, accepted for publication, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, Published by Taylor and Francis, London, U.K. Sali believes that students need to understand why they study algebraic skills and relate that to their daily and realistic activities if possible.
Workshop title: Using A New Web-based Application, Academic Writing Wizard, for Teaching and Significantly Improving Students' Writing

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Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi

Professional Experience:

Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Department at GUST, is the one of the founders of the English Department at GUST. He participated and presented papers at over twenty international refereed conferences. He is the President-elect of TESOL Kuwait, which is an affiliate of TESOL International-USA. He presented several papers at TESOL International conventions and at international conferences on pragmatics and discourse analysis. He reviewed several papers for several international journals, including Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism (Published by SAGE, UK), Journal of Pragmatics (Elsevier-UK) and the International Journal of Language and Communication, Denmark. Dr. Al Sharoufi is known for his creation of the Academic Writing Wizard, AWW, which is a new web-based application for teaching academic writing. Dr. Al Sharoufi has a myriad of published material to his credit, including: Ideological Manipulation in Mobilising Arabic Political Editorials, Using a Near-Statistical Dependency Approach in Testing Nonnative Speakers' Ability to Recover English Conversational Implicatures in the International Journal of Language and Communication (RASK), The Role of Pragmatics in Understanding Human Communication in an Institutional Setting in the Journal of Defense Resources Management (JoDRM), Discoursal Awareness in Improving Non-Native Students’ Ability in Generic Writing also in the Journal of Defense Resources Management and The Impact of English Language, and International Media as Agents of Cultural Globalization on Identity Formation in Kuwait, which was co-authored with GUST professors. This article

Workshop title: An e-learnng tool to create your own online course: Easygenerator

Saturday, 22 April, 2017

Ms. Mariam Kinowi

Professional Experience:
Mariam Kinawi has graduated from Gulf University of Science and Technology(GUST)-Kuwait with Bachelor degree in Computer Science. She perused her higher education in Kuwait University and attained her Master’s degree in Computer Science. Currently, she is working as Teaching Assistant in Computer Science department in GUST, in which she handles varieties of Computer Science courses and of different levels.

Workshop title: Introducing Wolfram Alpha & Demonstrating Computer Simulations

Postponed (TBA)

Professional Experience:

Dr. Harun Kurkcu:

Harun Kurkcu is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department. He completed his MS and PhD in Industrial and Applied Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. He was a teacher assistant and mentor to new graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Upon his graduation, he joined Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada as a visiting faculty. Later on, he completed another post graduate study at the University of Minnesota. Over the years of his education and profession, he has been involved in several research projects funded by US Army, including High Performance Computing Center, NSF, MITACS, and PIMS. Recently, he has been rewarded with two research grants by KFAS in Kuwait, 2014 and 2016 about modelling and design of nano-structures. Besides research in computational mathematics, his interests comprise of enhancing his teaching methodologies, motivating graduate and high school students, and offering professional development workshops for other teachers in the field of teaching mathematics and science. That is to say that he has given more than 30 presentations about various mathematical and computational science subjects to (approximately 2000) high school students in US, Turkey and Kuwait.

Dr. Mudassar Imran:

I did my PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from Arizona State University in 2006, and worked at North Carolina State University and McMaster University as a postdoc fellow. Later I worked in McMaster University and University of Manitoba as part time teacher.  Currently, I am working as an assistant professor at GUST in Kuwait. I have about ten years of post-PhD teaching and research experience. My research in bio-math. I am working on mathematical modeling of population dynamics, infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance. 

Dr. Harun Aydilek:

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. I received my B.S. in Mathematics (1999) and M.S. in Economics (2002) from Bogazici University, Turkey. Later, I received another M.S. in Mathematical Finance (2007) and my PhD in Applied Mathematics (2008) from University of Southern California, USA. I have published several papers in well-established journals such as Computers and Mathematics with Applications and International Journal of Production Research and several are in progress. My research is in Applied Mathematics, and applications to Economics, Finance and Industrial Engineering. The general area of my research is focused on Mathematical modeling and their numerical solutions in the fields of Economics, Finance, and Industrial Engineering. I am especially interested in the numerical solutions of the related mathematical models by simulation and/or discretization.