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Dr. Nouf AlWadi is a Ph. D. holder in Curriculum, Instruction & Media Technology: Educational Technology from Indiana State University, USA.

Dr. AlWadi is the Director of Academic Affairs in Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) Washington, District of Columbia.

Dr. AlWadi is experienced instructional designer, online course developer, and eLearning Web services administrator who readily bridges technical and educational domains to advance project goals.

In 2012, Dr. AlWadi became a leader in the International Professional Development (IPD) in Indianapolis Indiana State as a Program Director.

Dr. AlWadi is a representative in STEM committee for Gulf Schools since 2016.

Dr. AlWadi worked with subject matter experts to establish and communicate learning objectives through the design and development of highly professional object oriented, reusable instructional materials.

Dr. AlWadi planned and coordinated educational policies for specific subject area or grade level: Developed programs for in-service education of teaching personnel.