• CTLR/KFAS collaboration: Entrepreneurship Hackathon on the Metaverse

    The EntreCamp introduces students to best in class software and digital skills that are used by start-ups and tech companies worldwide. Being familiar with these online tools and techniques helps students to apply for their internships and allow them to thrive in the Future of Work. EntreCamp Hackathon prepares students for an internship in a startup or tech company. Participants are awarded a blockchain enabled certificate that can be verified by prospective employers, and students can use this as part of their personal statement or job application. Cash prizes were given to the first three winning teams.
    Topics include: Start-ups, problem and solution, unique value proposition, customer validation, prototyping, and pitching.
    After completing this course, students walked away with:
    • Experience of identifying customer needs and creating an original product/or software application to meet those needs
    • Scholarly learning about creativity, innovation, and team processes
    • Knowledge of business model innovation, team processes, design thinking, creativity management, and making effective presentations, and among other topics leading innovation.
    • Experience working with students from other, backgrounds, and programs/schools
    • Feedback and evaluations in the course will help students improve teamwork and individual skills and result in
    • Greater self-confidence and self-awareness Competencies
    3 to 6 July 2022
  • CTLR Importance of Websites and Applications in Businesses Seminar

    The seminar objectives were to shed the light on the Importance of websites and applications in businesses. The content of the workshop highlighted the following:
    • Websites components
    • Success Stories
    • The importance of programming in the Kuwaiti Market and the international Market
    • Business sustainability through websites and applications
  • CTLR Workshop Nonverbal Communication

    The objective of the course: Activating body language to reach better understanding, knowing, and mastering the language of verbal communication, facilitate working with others by knowing body language, and know the factors that affect human communication
    Scientific content:
    Defining body language
    • The concept of listening
    • Verbal language
    • Non-verbal language
    • Factors affecting the language of human communication
    • Practical applications
  • CTLR Mobile Application Development Workshop

    CTLR offered the Mobile Application Development workshop. This workshop aims were to enhance the students’ skills in Mobile Development. Students learned mobile development using Flutter Dart incorporated using Android emulator and learned essential developing skills. By the end of this training, students were able to:
    • Understand the structure of a Flutter Dart program and hierarchy
    • Setting up the machine to be Flutter-Ready
    • Write a program using Dart language
    • Run, trace, and debug Flutter Dart programs
    • Learn to develop mobile application using Flutter Dart
    • Advanced techniques and concepts in mobile development
    November 27 to December 11