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Integrate Math Study Skills and Learning Styles into Courses: Successful Strategy that Improves Math Learning and Grades

Students are struggling with all math levels. Based on research math study skills and teaching students learning styles improves success. Math study skills have been successfully integrated into labs and math courses along with learning styles. This workshop demonstrates integration of assessments, homework, note-taking, apps, anxiety reduction, mindfulness, testing, test analysis, motivation, persistence, learning styles and student success plans.

Presenter’s Bio:


Academic Success Press, Inc is a publishing and consulting company that publishes books, tutor training manuals, CD, DVDs  on disabilities, math study skills and college success to improve math success. The senior consultants have consulted with over a 100 campuses, colleges and universities on Quality Enhancement Plans, disability services issues both program and student, OCR  complaints, accommodations issues, program development, math study skills, curriculum development, developmental education and Wounded Warriors/veterans. Lead consulting team for Quality Enhancement Plans (QEP) at different colleges. Currently working with Lanier Technical College in Georgia on their QEP to improve their developmental math courses.


Hillsboro Community College, Ruskin, FL

Teaching Life Skills courses to students to improve their math success by learning math study skills and reducing test anxiety.

ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR (1980 - present)

Taught course for Manatee Community College, State College of Florida, Indian River Community College, University of South Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University. Some of the areas of instructors were in psychology, math, math study skills, human relations, life skills, principles of learning and appraisal/measurement (last two  were graduate courses).


Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota

Review psycho-educational and neuropsychological reports to determine if students have a disability and made recommendations for educational and testing accommodations. Reviewed psychological evaluation to determine accommodations such a dorm and off campus living situations. Advised university on two Office of Civil Rights grievances which the university was not found in violation. Suggested instructional teaching strategies for faculty to improve the success of students with disabilities.

Paul Nolting conducted more than 300 workshops at over 100 various colleges, universities and high school campuses. Coordinator of the 2013 and 2016 National Math Summits preconference for the AMATYC and NADE conferences.  In the last four years he conducted state conferences on disabilities for Georgia, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida and Washington State.  For 20 years he was one of the main workshops presenter at the three day Postsecondary Disability Training Institute sponsored by the University of Connecticut.  He has conducted numerous workshops on disabilities at the AHEAD conferences and other colleges. Other workshops and consulting were on Leaning Styles, Learning Centered Instruction, Math Study Skills, General Study Skills, Cooperative Learning, Learning Communities, Learning Disabilities, General Disabilities, Disabilities and the Law, Assessment of Students Learning Problems, and Improving Developmental Education Programs. 

Nolting’s Publications:

My Math Success Plan: Individualized Study Strategies to Improve Math Grades (for students with disabilities and Wounded Warriors), Academic Success Press, 2014.                     Winning at Math: Your Guide to Learning Mathematics through Effective Study Skills, sixth edition, Academic Success Press, 2014.

Learning Assistance and Tutor Training Manual (for learning assistance center and disability services) Academic Success Press, 2014. 

Mathematics and Disabilities Handbook: Guide for Students with LD, ADHD, TBI and Wounded Warriors-eBook, Academic Success Press, 2012. 

Math Study Skills Evaluation,” college computer version with accommodations recommendations for students, Academic Success Press, 2008.

Math Study Skills Workbook, Second edition Houghton-Mifflin, 2003.

Tutor Training Manual for Disability Services Academic Success Press, 2000. 

 Mathematics Learning Disabilities Handbook, Academic Success Press, 2000.

How to Develop Your Own Math Study Skills Workshop and Course, Academic Success Press, 1991 & 1995.

Math Study Skills Evaluation, high school and middle school computer version, Academic Success Press, 1991.

Successful Math Study Skills: Easy-to-Use/Step-by-Step Guide to Higher Math Grades For Middle and Secondary School Students, Academic Success Press, 1991.

The Effects Of Counseling and Study Skills Training On Mathematics Academic Achievement, Academic Success Press, 1986 and 1991.

“ “Strategy Cards For Higher Grades,” Academic Success Press, 1989.

“How to Ace Tests,” an audiotape, Academic Success Press, 1988.

“How to Reduce Test Anxiety,” an audiotape, Academic Success Press, 1987.



Paul Nolting, Ph.D.
High School Teachers
Date & Time: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 09:00 to 12:30